18 June 2010

So happy

i'm so happy today...
Uncle Lee came and visit me... yiippieee.yeahhhh.

how i know about Uncle Lee?
during my blogwalking, usually i pick a few terms or phrases and google it..
so, from there, i will know a various + kind + type of blog in the internet..
so, i jumped to one which was wrote about dirty trolley at hypermarket. superb post.
but i prefered Uncle Lee's commented on that post which made me felt in love.
so, i browsed to find whose Uncle Lee.
then, i came cross with this post Women with no class, tact or diplomacy .

what made me felt in love?
the way Uncle Lee wrote + style + language same as Pak Teh Speaks...
their language superb..
Pak Teh always says; u must challenge my language or at least at a standard level. not a rojak style..

well Uncle Lee..i already feed you...when you post a latest post.. surely it come out when i open my Opera..

ane - susahnya nak sampai piawaian bahasa orang dulu2..superb sangat.


Lee said...

Hi, Nosembilanbelas, ha ha, terima kaseh seribu for the jalan atas ayer compliments....
Just having fun shooting the breeze with my friends around the World....
You just drop in anytime, always a pleasure....
You keep well, stay young and simpan satulagu dalam hati, Lee.

nosembilanbelas said...

@uncle Lee... saya suka baca cerita yang uncle tulis..best

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