23 June 2010

Fake Designer Handbags How to spot a replica Louis Vuitton handbag

secrets :

1. no plastic covering the handle

2. Hardware should not be wrapped in plastic or paper. Nor should the bag itself.

3. Check the photos of the hardware: the "V" on the "LV" on the zipper pull should not be set above the "L".

4. A leather tag with date code inside the bag is not a sign that the bag is authentic.

5. The leather tag identifying the bag as a Louis Vuitton should have very rounded "O"s; they shouldn't be oval-shaped.

6. Louis Vuitton does not include authenticity cards with their bags. If a re-seller is offering an authenticity card with a bag, the bag is fake.

tip : If a seller has more than one Louis Vuitton for sale, it is quite likely they are selling fakes. A little common sense goes a long way also – Do you really believe you can buy an eighteen-hundred dollar handbag for sixty bucks?

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ane - tak ada beg LV..T_T


Boy said...

oh my fake LV~

anak.makwan said...


ibuintan said...

tak mampu nak beli yg ori..

anak said...

sama la kita...nak masuk butik dia yg glame tue..rasa malu2 kambing je

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