27 May 2010

Tolong Jualkan Saya!

Hi, my name is cik ina a.k.a qasehshahira.
i'm still young, energetic, no fatigue and brilliant.
Why i call myself like that huh? i'm a young working mother. With my fulltime worker...fulltime mum... fulltime housewife... fulltime wife..
Don't you dare look at me with your one eye's only!

I'm the one who selling these hygiene, cleanliness and best pads. Three types of its.

A : the green colour is panty liner. consists of 20 pads. you never realise that you wearing it. small and thin.
B : the red colour is night usage pad. consists of 10 pads. had a wing. thin. but if you washed it. it become fat.
C : the blue colour is day usage pad. consists of 10 pads. had a wing. thin. yayaya, became fat you after you washed it.

ingredients? what you thing this is a food!
 watch out for you word!
materials my dear... read this and click here LOL

price? picture my dear...picture... tell you a number there.
where to buy? here

p/s - dah cuba. rasa sangat bersih dan kering. buat pertama kalinya..boleh minum ais on the 1st day of p****d (isi ler tempat kosong tue). amacam tokey, ok tak?


Aku Pewaris Saka? said...

ana datang melawat....dok trfikir siapakah nosembnlanbelas ni...
hehehhe..mula2 tgok post " tologn jualkan saya" ada gambar...hahahah...aku nak kena jual....
apapun..terimakasih banyak yer....tak pernah ana tgok org buat gini...kreatif ...

nosembilanbelas said...

heheehehe TQ

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