28 May 2010

Cuss Free Discussion anyone?

huh... i never thought.. the blogshop will have some issues.
they must have RRP (recommend retail price)..
dealing with supplier, competition with other blogshop, compete to get customer... etc

supplier must set their price...
blogshop must sell certain amount that stated by supplier
(if you, new blogshop.. selling lower price coz to get customer..but establish..grow one, selling moderate or higher price)
customer like me.... definitely i'm bargain for cheaper one... the same dress, if i can get lower price..of course i'm buying from you... hahaahaa. don't forget.. i'm also looking at shipping and handling cost...

p/s - i love SMWDY. click here to read a lot of crazy mazy story about blogshop.  still this is for fun kannnn..(hahahaha not that word anymore!)

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