13 May 2010

Perkara pertama yang perlu dilakukan untuk mula berblogging

This is my first day go to school. Start blogging. Start everything with a new thing. Learn every single thing. Ya lahh first day what!
Think of the name what should i put and think hard what a beautiful name that i want to put on top of my blog. Maybe the name just nice and sweet like hanis zalikha, or the funny story of sembang kencang or gua nak rilek-rilek.. ahhhhhh Those are only a few of its.(promote... idak ler
Next, choose the template. Layout.. Colour.. Arrangement (sound like a music). What should i pick? Surfing, click, preview.. hemmmm. Surfing, click, preview... Hemmmm. Ala do it for a few times, pick one. Now i can blogging. yeeeeeee(akhirnya ada gak sendirinyer)

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