14 May 2010

Big Fish Moment with Pizza Hut

         The victim : Encik Nevi

 why? look carefully at neck area. he cover up with a lot talcum a.k.a bedak. to cover his rashes.
the truth is he got rashes a.k.a eczema (i prefer that word) since may last year.
how he get it? the doctor told him, a small, little tiny animal (microb, bacteria) live happily in his skin.
so, a lot garu-garu around his body.
eating using a spoon and fork (anak melayu tulen nie, jangan mimpi le nak buat sebelum nie)
taking a medicine without excuse (apa? demam sikit je x payah makan ubat)
only wear a long sleeve
no more chicken....no more meat.... no more ikan kembung...
only eat vegetables.... and a big fish a.k.a ikan besaq yang mahal le.
examples? ikan merah, siakap, kerapu, even salmon... (my mum always pronunce as solamon = salmon)


the journey has begin...........

            try with smotthiieee mocha  
          result : still normal.. no gatal2 yet

what about soup? ok... tak gatal pun

       where is pizza? so hungry. aku makan gak kedai nie kan

but what happen ..... 
it turns out 
to be 
meeeeeeeeeee and the fish king pizzaaaaaaaa..... 
here i come


      abang........... sos cili habis...
       cicah kasi rapat dengan cili... plus with tabasco

  add some more
                                     ( with a cute pretty face.. hahahahaha kasi habis ini malam gak)

tengok.. ada ikan.. ketam.. bawang..cili banggala lagi.. nenas..mayones...keju..tak usah cite la)
nak makan lagi 
       abang, tak boleh masuk dah...
kenyang bangat nie..
macam mana nie baru regular size... belum large size lagi 
  tapau please
    (dun forget including seafood lasagna tau)

                  what a glow......... 
                 with encik nevi.....
                                                              with fishhhh king                                                                             during  my BIRTHDAY 
(hehheheehe. today is my birthday tau

p/s -
ayang : abang, ada rasa gatal-gatal tak?
abang : tak ada pun. ok je
ayang : wahhhhh. ini sudah baik.... esok boleh makan pizza lagiiiiii
abang : yang, belen pizza tue abang punya ye...

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