14 September 2012


Remember this, don't show others your "bull's eye" - don't show the world what hurts you the most. If you do, they will continue to use that to attack you. The higher you climb the latter, the more people will try to pull you down. I learnt that too. The more successful I became in my business, the less friends I have. Even my lecturers who I visit every year and work just 5 mins walk from my shop do not want to visit me. It's okay, it hurts, but we have to block our feelings and move on. Don't give these idiots any attention or even show them we're hurt. In fact, don't even let them or their words affect you.

'You cannot stop the bird from flying around your head, but you CAN stop it from making a nest on your head'

- You cannot stop the world from talking bad about you, irritating you. BUT YOU CAN stop from letting them affect you-

*wani - pekakkan telinga & biarkan ia berlalu seperti angin menyapa pipi pauh dilayang yang akan melayang-layang :P

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