04 July 2010

Peraduan High 5 : Jom Rasa Dan Menang

so easy to enter this High 5 contest.

Step 1: buy any kind of High 5 bread (beli la kat kedai)

Step 2:  dun forget to get entry form from that shop.. but please beware, u must stick to this rule(s)

      for sandwich bread ; buy 1 only
      for  sosej roll ; buy buy 2 only
      for buns or cream rolls ; buy 4 only

Step 3: open the bread and eat it with a full smile (kunyah kasi hancur punya...sian usus nanti) ..hah dun throw the bread cover...cut the barcode..coz we want to paste it to entry form.

Step 4 : drop the entry form to selected shop or send it to their factory .

clue : want to know their questions..click here...i reveal their secret! shhh!

ane : nak gie econsave le..nak beli roti High 5 gak...err beli kat econsave, harga roti murah sikit.


Rowena Zainuddin said...

kalo menang dpt ape ye??
dpt roti byk2 ek??

anak said...

saja buat tak nampak..
apple ipad tueee

nosembilanbelas said...

saja nak suruh akak jawab yer

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