11 June 2010

Touch n Go

What happen if you lost your touch n go card which is associated with your credit card?

it happened to me, about two or three weeks ago. i was looking and searching for over all my house, mum's house, my car, mum's car and encik nevi's car. but can't find it.

1. so, the next step..better just i went  to Maybank and reported it.
over here, i prefer Lumut. because the front desk officer such a kind lady.(baik betul akak tue..banyak kali dah berurusan dgn dia..dia memudahkan kerja.tak macam kan tempat lain..banyak songeh)

2. she gave me a form to filled in..and then passed up to her back.

3.  they will charged you for RM10 for losing it. so it appeared in your credit card statement.

4. after 4 call which is only one called that i picked..and others i didn't and duration just only one week.
today i get my touch n go card... how lovely this world i think..
without touch n go, how difficult to me thru the toll. long line up..take out money..waiting the balance...such a nightmare.

make sure..don't lose it again..keep it safely.

ane - nasib baik dah beli smart tag...


Qastalani® said...

Smart tag sekarang harga berapa ye? I rasa mcm nak jual my smart tag. tapi tatau berapa harga pasaran skrg

nosembilanbelas said...

RM130..bg free TnG RM10

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