26 June 2010

Reusable grocery bags are a health hazard?

i never thought save-the-earth-shopping-bag would made us sick...
but when i read this post. it makes me thinks a lot...
for those who stay in Selangor..

today (which is Saturday) is a shopping day without given-plastic-bag... if you insist for their plastic bag, they (shopping complex) will charge you for RM0.20.

For the first thing..i think this is a brilliant ideas...hem plastic bag takes a thousand years (100 thn jer) to disappear from the Earth.. equivalent to diapers,


polystyrene etc.

but when this post smack me...
whose the idiots left their shopping bags in their car..

 i never do that...
even you put the best and expensive tinted to block the sunray and sunlight to pass thru your car..it still increases your heat in your car.

whose put naked meat, chicken and fish directly in shopping bag with wrapped it?
ayooo, please la.. dun do that...
definitely, u'll get sick...
but what i know...most Malaysian dun do that...hygiene maaa

ane - hemmmm anak sapa la tue 

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