13 June 2010

jom gie jogging

1. Jogging is a form of trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace. The main intention is to increase fitness with less stress on the body than from faster running.

2. Time : morning...better at 6 am..gelap? make it 7 am.. orang dah ramai sikit..

3. Should i drink or it before jogging?
not eating22..make sure free your stomach..only drink water..but not too much..otherwise, you can't jog2.

4. warming up?
yup... we dun want to carry you back.. get your body ready to jog.

5. what to wear?
something that loose.. not a tight..we want air can flow in and out.. good perspiration.

6. how about if i feel tired?
stop. stand or sit down in one place and take a lot  of millions deep breath..

7. the best water should i drink before or after jogging?
air suam a.k.a mineral water a.k.a Citrus fruit juices are the best

 8. what happened if i get headache after jogging?
(a) dehydration (drink before, during and after jog)
(b) sunlight (wear something, hat, sunglasses, dear)

9. If still got headache?
 change time and place..especially altitude (jangan lari naik bukit)

jom lari dengan sexy nyer

kat tepi pantai kerr
kat tepi bukit ker
ada orang teman ke
bawak member ke
pas tue..gie breakfast..T_T

but please...dun be like this yaa

 Visitors 'trash' scenic jogging spot at click here

ane -jom jogging 

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