05 June 2010


i went to Papparich at Bandar Puteri this early morning to take a breakfast. unfortunately, they only open at 9 am... so, i must wait almost one hour.. nevermind, to taste a good food and nice one..i should wait.
 went to Tesco Puchong, which is the closes one..take a window shopping..(the early shopping complex that open on that time)..then go back to papparich.

so many people in this outlet.. i took a chicken chop, sister took a porridge and mum took a mee curry. all of us drank milo dinasour..
food? wow! great...milo dinasour...full of milo(if your fanatic of it.. this is the place).
mee curry... sedapppppppp
porridge... sister can't finish it.. full of big bowl..
me.. chicken choppp.. fried rice... sedappp. chicken chop..(fatty cafe..much more better.. maybe the gravy..)
but what i love most of it... all of us, not taking a lunch today because of fulllllll(kenyang tahap cipan).
i should take a picture of that food. so, delicious.. maybe when i go there next time.. we can see..
just click here to look papprich and their delicious food..

ane- pokcik & naim..kita gie papparich bangi lak..aku blanja!apsal bi aku makin tungganglanggang nie

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