30 May 2010


when you start teach something (even it's not new to other people).. somebody will take it seriously.
so, if you are new.. just like me.. feel free to browse it..

1. http://www.akubadboy.com/
2. http://tutorialuntukblog.blogspot.com/
3. http://justkhai.com/blog/teknik-meningkatkan-trafik-blog-berkesan
4. the last one, i can't find it. she  and he state very clear how to use google analytics (two different blogs). i try it by my own.. and wow!

ane - sebarkan ilmu walaupun sedikit


Tapak Kaki said...

nape aku dicari?

nosembilanbelas said...

cari dalam gelap. tanpa kesedaran

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