16 May 2010

KC Spencer

After sent my mum to mosque for haj's course at floating mosque.
My sister and i went to Pasar Tani Mega at Shah Alam carpark Arena (stadium daaa). 
I'm so eagerly looking and searching for a new jacket. 
Last time that i bought not suitable for me anymore. I thought the arm hole became more smaller and even smaller than before. 
Desperate need to replace a new jacket. Can't wait anymore. 
I got a sweet and nice to fit my mum's evocil . Ah.. don't care anymore. 
Jacket...jacket...jacket... here i come( dengan muka berseri2 dan lubang hidung yang kembang kepis pasal kena jalan gak

Sis: awak, nak mula dari mana?
Me: ikut la
Sis: dari tengah sampai bawah
Me: abang 3 Rm10 tu kat mana?

Sis: ha.. lorong nie la
Me: ok

Me: eh. jaket nie. singgah dulu
Sis: ok

choose, select, pick, put... nooo
choose, select, pick, put...no
aha... my size. take for try first

ehhhh. to be continued tomorrow(kena gie masjid amik mak)

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